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Flex Advanced Tabletop Large Room Video Conference System UC-MX70

Supplier: Crestron

The UC‑MX70 system provides a complete video conference room solution for use with the Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms intelligent communications platform.

NOTE: Zoom is on preorder for 02/15/2021

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Flex Advanced Tabletop Large Room Video Conference System UC-MX70

The UC‑MX70 system provides a complete video conference room solution for use with the Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms intelligent communications platform. It supports single or dual video displays, and features the Crestron Flex tabletop conference device (CCS‑UC‑1‑X), UC Bracket Assembly with UC‑ENGINE (UC‑BRKT‑250‑P‑T‑ASSY), an enterprise-grade camera (UC‑CAM‑HD‑520), mic pod (CCS‑UCA‑MIC), cables, and power supply.

Native Microsoft Teams® Rooms Experience
The UC-MX70-T system brings the full Microsoft Teams Rooms UC experience to any meeting space in an enterprise or SMB facility, whether implementing a cloud based Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment, on‑premises Skype® for Business software, or a hybrid of the two.

Native Zoom Rooms™ Software Experience
The UC-MM30-Z system features Zoom Rooms conferencing software that enables audio and video connectivity for easy collaboration and content sharing.

Intuitive User Interface with Impressive Audio
The Crestron Flex tabletop conference device (CCS‑UC‑1‑X) provides a superior conferencing and collaboration experience with its large 7 in. HD display, integrated 360° quad microphone array, and an AEC-enabled USB speakerphone that supports full-duplex wideband audio performance.

Simplified Deployment
The UC Bracket Assembly (UC-BRKT-250-P-T-ASSY) provides preassembled components on one ready-to-mount bracket to simplify installation. The assembly can be mounted on a wall, or it can be attached to the rear of the display device. Crestron's direct connection method further simplifies installation with a single connection from the Flex tabletop conference device to the UC Bracket Assembly.

High-Definition Video Conferencing
The included enterprise-grade camera (UC‑CAM‑HD‑520) features a wide-angle 82° diagonal field of view to capture the conference room in Full HD 1080p video resolution. High precision aspherical optics, super low light 2M pixel sensor, and advanced video processing ensure a clear video image free from light or noise artifacts.

Crestron Control System Integration
The Crestron Flex tabletop conferencing device can integrate with a Crestron control system to enable touch screen control of room lighting, motorized window shades, climate control, AV, and other amenities.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Conference room visitors can connect their laptop to the Crestron Flex system to use their own UC conference platform. The UC‑MX70's built-in content ingest device switches to the connected laptop's UC platform and returns to the native Microsoft Teams Rooms platform when disconnected.

Enterprise-Grade Security
Crestron Flex is an enterprise-grade solution ideally equipped for mass deployment throughout any sized corporate, university, medical, military, or government facility. Its advanced security features ensure privacy, reliability, and compliance with your organization’s IT policies.

Easy Provisioning and Device Management
The XiO Cloud service4 is an IoT cloud-based provisioning service that enables installers and IT managers to easily deploy and manage thousands of devices. The XiO Cloud service allows for system alerts, network management and provisioning, and the pairing of a control device to the system’s UC Engine. System updates are controlled by Windows® software update.

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Dual Control Option
A TS- series, TSS- series, or TSW- series 7 in. or 10.1 in. touch screen may be added to the UC-MX70 kit as an additional control point.

Key Features
  • Tabletop video conferencing solution for the Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms environment
  • Present, call, conference, and collaborate using your own device's UC conference platform (BYOD) or either the native Microsoft Teams or the native Zoom Rooms platform
  •  Native Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms touch screen UI provides a consistent user experience with simple operation and one‑touch meeting joins
  • Complete kit contains the Crestron Flex tabletop conference device, UC Bracket Assembly, an enterprise-grade camera, mic pod, cables, and power supply — just add display(s) and mount
  • Direct connection option between UC Engine and Crestron Flex tabletop conference device for simple installation and configuration
  • Easy to specify and install — no custom design, programming, or software installation required
  • Network management and provisioning, system alerts, and the pairing of a Crestron Flex tabletop conference device to the UC-MX70-T system’s UC Engine through the XiO Cloud® service
  • Enterprise‑grade security ‑ connects and communicates securely over any enterprise or SMB network

Aver Cam520 Pro Camera

  • HD 1080p video quality
  • Super low light 2M pixel sensor
  • Wide-angle 82º field of view
  • Pan: ±170°
  • Tilt: +90° (up), -30° (down);
  • 18X total zoom (12X optical zoom)
  • USB Type-C connector

Flex Mic Pod

The CCS-UCA-MIC is a low-profile extension microphone pod designed exclusively for use with a Crestron Flex Tabletop Conference System.1 Up to two mic pods may be connected to a single conference device to extend its pickup range to cover large tables.

Optionally, two microphone pods may be daisy-chained, or connected to the mic pod ports on the rear of the conference device, using the cables provided with each microphone pod.


Mercury Microphone

  • 360° quad mic array
  • 20 ft (6 m) typical pickup range


Mercury Speaker

  • Full range speaker
  • 11 Watts amplifier power
  • 95 dB SPL at 0.5 m maximum output
  • 90 Hz to 22 kHz frequency response

Included Components


UC Bracket Assembly for Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms systems, comprised of:
  • UC‑ENGINE-P-T: UC Engine for Microsoft Teams Rooms systems
  • UC‑ENGINE-P-Z: UC Engine for Zoom Rooms systems
  • ADPT-USB-ENET: USB-to-Ethernet Adapter
  • HD‑CONV‑USB‑250: CAT5 to USB 3.0 converter for content ingest
  • Mounting Hardware
CCS‑UC‑1‑X Crestron Flex tabletop conferencing device includes:
  • PW-2420RU Universal power supply and power cord
  • Cable, CAT5e, RJ‑45‑to‑RJ‑45, 12 ft (3.66 m)
  • Cable management hardware
CCS-UCA-MIC Extension microphone pod
UC-CAM-HD-520 Enterprise-grade camera
CBL‑CAT5E‑7 Ethernet LAN cable, CAT5e, RJ‑45‑to‑RJ‑45, black, 7 ft (2.1 m)
CBL‑HD‑THIN‑HS‑6 Thin HDMI cable for connecting display device, Type A male‑to‑male, 6 ft (1.8 m)
CBL-USB-A-BMICRO-6 USB 2.0 A - Micro-B cable, 6 ft (1.8 m)
CBL‑HD-6 HDMI Interface Cable, 6 ft (1.8 m)
CBL‑4K‑DP‑HD-6 Active Converter Cable, DisplayPort™ to HDMI®, 18 Gbps, 6 ft (1.8 m)
DM-CBL-ULTRA-PC-20 (2) Ethernet LAN cable for touch screen, CAT6a, RJ‑45‑to‑RJ‑45, blue, 20 ft (6 m)
PW‑2420RU Universal power supply and power cord
EDID passthrough (2) HDMI Female-to-Male

Aver Cam520 Pro
Field of View 82º
Pan ±170°
Tilt +90° (up), -30° (down)
Zoom 18X total zoom (12X optical zoom)
Connectivity Plug‑and‑play USB 3.1
Resolution/FPS HD 1080p @ 30 fps
Dimensions Height: 1.40 in. (36 mm)
Width: 1.60 in. (41 mm)
Depth: 2.82 in. (72 mm)
Weight 4.2 oz (120 g)

Flex Mic Pod

Pickup range
360° pickup, 20 ft / 6m diameter
Triple mic array with (3) cardioid electret elements
mute button and indicator
12 ft (3.7 m)
Daisy chain
Up to 2 Flex Mic Pods
Height x Width x Depth:
0.97 in (25 mm) x 3.81 in (97 mm) x 3.42 in (87 mm)
Powered via the tabletop conference device