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Become a Tech Minded Affiliate.

Tech Minded gives Affiliates the ability to refer their members, clients, and followers to benefit from our backend network of products and services from hundreds of providers. This allows organizations to not only take care of those in their network with the right products/services at a great deal, but also to earn revenues if they order in a way that makes sense. To apply to be a Tech Minded Affiliate, and find out more details, fill out the Affiliate Application form and we’ll reach back to you.

Good for your network.

Technology options are everywhere and it’s overwhelming for most people. Tech Minded’s approach is to listen to those you refer to us, hear about their organization and needs, and find them the right solution and a great deal.

Good for you.

If the client decides to move forward, and sign onto a deal Tech Minded quoted, they will ultimately pay the provider directly, and that provider will pay Tech Minded a commission which we’ll share with you, the affiliate.

Your role as an affiliate is simply to point people to Tech Minded in one of the ways we provide so that we know that they came from you! Better yet, you’ll continue to earn for as long as the client is using the services they signed up for through Tech Minded, earning an ongoing revenue stream.

Get Paid. No out of Pocket.

You don’t need any infrastructure nor additional resources to make this work for you. Once you sign the Affiliate Agreement we’ll send you, you simply guide those in your network to Tech Minded.

Become an Affiliate.

Don’t miss another day of opportunity that fits in with what you already do. Go now, and fill out the Affiliate Application form and we’ll get you going.