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Become a Tech Minded Agent.

Tech Minded gives agents access to our backend network where we have multiple channels to source an extremely large catalog of products and services from hundreds of providers. This allows consultants, MSPs and subagents to earn revenues from these resources in a way that makes sense. To apply to be a Tech Minded agent, and find out more details, fill out the agent application form and we’ll reach back to you.

Good for your clients.

Technology options are everywhere and it’s the job of consultants to navigate the plethora of choices, and come up with options. Whether you are a “CTO for hire,” project-based, specialized consultant or independent, you’re regularly asked to plan, advise or recommend.

Once the clients’ needs and direction are determined, there’s a great way for you to take it all a step further — helping clients to secure better pricing, terms, or options even if the product and service are not within your core expertise.

Best yet, you earn a commission while at the same time doing what’s best for your client.

Good for you.

As a consultant, you work hard to make the right choices on technologies for your clients. Tech Minded helps you look at options and proceed with products and services in a way that’s not only good for your clients and their bottom line, but benefits you with additional revenue streams … even if you’re not an expert. Your role is to advise and advocate for the client, just as you already do.

You’ve already done the hard work. Using Tech Minded allows you to benefit from those efforts. You earn an ongoing commission on every seat. Just sit back and deposit the check. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. That’s what using Tech Minded does for you, the agent/consultant.

Get Paid. No out of Pocket.

You don’t need any infrastructure nor additional resources to make this work for you. You simply guide the client, helping them choose what fits them best, quote it out, and take part in the installation and configuration as you see fit … or leave it to the suppliers to do it for you. Either way, as the client pays, the commissions will start flowing for as long as the client continues under the program.

Become an Agent.

Don’t miss another day of opportunity that fits in with what you already do. Go now, and fill out the agent application form and we’ll get you going.