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Telecom, UCaaS, CCaaS, VoIP & …

It’s hard to count the number of times technologists are asked “do you know a phone guy?” or heard complaints about someone’s UCaaS / VoIP provider. Tech Minded can guide you to a solution. Finding the right solution for your type of business. 

With over 150 providers on our back end, you know you are getting solution right for you, not just the solutions someone can offer because it’s all they have.

You Don’t Need to be the Expert.

It’s easy to get the process going, and we’ll guide them through the quotes.  It’s a simple as answering a few questions and the type of business you have. And, if you can get us a copy of your last telecom invoice, it’s that much better.

Reduce Telecom Expenses

Even if you have the most amazing deal ever, it’s often the case that just going through the process of quoting will reduce their expenses.  The best case scenario is that you’ll save big.  The worst case scenario is that you’ve  reviewed/confirmed what you have.

Opportunity for Integration

Today’s telecom offerings give you the opportunity to really take your business to the next level through integration, efficiencies, and the tools they need to best do their job. By Tech Minded helping you through the process, you can see more options and more benefits.

Safety in Numbers

So often, consultants are tied to a single provider, with only their offerings. That puts you at risk of being a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.  With 150+ providers on our back end, you know you are helping you choose based on what’s right for you.

Making it easy.

No Risk.
No Obligation.

When you allow us to quote, you are under no obligation. As your advocate, we only want you to secure the services that make sense. Already have a solution in place? Allow us to quote, and one of two things will happen: you'll confirm that you have a decent deal already, or better yet, we'll show you an even better solution that fits your needs and/or budget. Either way, you win!

These are just some of the providers on Tech Minded’s mutli-sourced backend.