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eFax Porting Instructions

We can port your existing numbers, but it takes a bit of time for the process to go all the way through. To make a seamless transition, you can initially forward your current fax number to a temporary number provided.

For the longer term, there are 3 documents we require completed in order to start the porting process:

Two are provided by us:

The third is a document acquired from your current phone service provider  for the numbers you wish to port:

  • The Customer Service Record or CSR

Here is a brief description of each document and what we need on it.

    1. Letter of Agency (LOA) – This form needs to be filled out completely and signed by you.  This form gives us the authorization to move your fax lines over to eFax.  Please make sure that the most current date is listed in the form.  This date is crucial to the validity of the document.
    2. The CSR or Customer Service Record– This is a record kept by your current carrier regarding your service with them.This can be its own document or a Bill from the Carrier but must contain the following four pieces of information in order to be useable by us.
      • Your Current Telecom Carrier Name or Logo
      • Your company name and the Service Address for the porting number/s.
      • All phone numbers that you are porting
      • Billing Telephone Number (BTN) aka ATN or Account Telephone Number – This is the primary number on the account from which you wish to port from.  If you are unsure which number on the account is the BTN we recommend asking your current provider.
    3. Porting Set Up (PSU) – We will need you to fill out the form completely.   The numbers entered here must match the ones listed on the LOA and CSR.  Please send this back in its editable Excel format (link repeated from above | download user list form here)

Once you have all 3 documents ready you will want to email them to  Please try and make it so that all 3 docs above are each attached in the same email, or along with your initial order.

Note that the LOA does require a signature (this can be digital) and date in order to be considered complete.  Porting can take 3 – 5 weeks to complete and we will keep you updated during this period to let you know how the process is going.  This time frame is contingent on the documentation being correct and its acceptance by the losing carrier. The Corporate Porting team will keep you updated on the status of the port.

If you wish to port numbers in Europe or Internationally then we recommend sending us an email detailing the numbers you wish to port, the geographical location, and the current service provider so we can determine portability and what will be required to port the lines.   Please note that international porting costs and completion time frames are determined on a case by case basis.